søndag den 21. april 2013

Even more HDR..

More HDR stuff. From a little walk and another visit to a factory.

onsdag den 17. april 2013

An old friend.

Revisited this little pearl on my way to an abandoned factory and couldn't just pass by with my camera.

mandag den 15. april 2013

Them in HDR part II

More HDR work from Them. Same processing as the last batch of pictures. but think im running out of subjects to photograph so will take a trip to Silkeborg soon to get a change of enviorment.

©2013 Copyright Nickolaj-René Christensen. Silverback Photography/Destino Illusions

lørdag den 13. april 2013

Them in HDR..

I went for a little walk with the camera and decided to do some HDR.
All images are 3 shots from -2 to +2 stops.
Tonemapped in Photomatix 4.2 pro and some minor tweaks in Photoshop CS6
(remember to click the images for a larger version)

All images are ©2013 Nickolaj-René Christensen.