søndag den 20. november 2011

Klostermølle Foto and film trip

Today Finn and i, packed our bags with photography and filming equipment and took to the road.
We started out by mounting a iPhone to a tripod (using two clamps) and filmed our trip from various locations while driving and walking by. 
Soon to arrive at Klostermølle (an old mill).
Here one of the longest all wooden structers in all of denmark is still standing proud (pictures below)
The building allso contains a bird watching tower, with a great view of the surrounding area, and a great opportunity for me to get out my 55-200mm tamron.
while i snapped away Finn did alot of video footage (will be posted here when editing is done).
All in all a great day. 
I did a few Shots for HDR processing, i will post them later on.

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